The MIAGE training in Mulhouse

The aim of the training

The MIAGE-trainings in France train administrative or corporate executives with a dual competence in Computer Science and management. A fundamental aspect of the training is the focus on the professionalization.

The substance of the training

The two main key focuses of each MIAGE-training are digital sciences and business management. The directors of the MIAGE meet several times per year, notably to define a consistent and topical pedagogical framework. Furthermore, each MIAGE-training distinguishes itself from the others. The major field in Mulhouse is the safety of information systems. The disciplines taught in Mulhouse in accordance with the Charter of the MIAGE in France and in view of its field are:

  • Management and information systems engineering
    • Information system architecture
    • Information system management: governance, project ownership, project management…
    • Information systems engineering: general contractor, software engineering, method of analysis and modeling technique (UML, Merise)
    • Quality management, standardization
  • Informatics science and technologies
    • Software design and development
    • Computer programming
    • Operation system
    • Database
    • ERP package and business intelligence
    • Web technology and internet
    • Computer network
    • Safety of the information system
  • Mathematics applied to computer science and busines
    • Probabilities
    • Statistics, data analysis, data mining
    • Linear algebra, operational research, linear programming
    • Algorithmics, graph theory, language theory
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Business sciences and management
    • Business organization
    • General accounting and cost accounting
    • Financial management
    • Management control
    • Production management
    • Economics
    • Law and legal environment of businesses
  • Communication
    • Communication techniques
    • Languages (English and German compulsory)