In direct contact with the professional world

The major and common feature of all the MIAGE-trainings is their focus on professionalization, thanks to outside partners, a development council, plenty of projects, two long internships at the end of the Bachelor and at the end of the Master, the possibility of a cooperative education, their strong regional, national and even international presence.

The outside partners

Over a quarter of the courses throughout the whole education are held by professionals:

  • project managers, analysts…
  • security experts of information systems,
  • web-application designers,
  • jurists, judges or lawyers,
  • certified public accountants,

Development council

A development council meets regularly. Composed of lecturers, students and major agents of the professional world, its aim is to identify the risks and the deficiencies to adapt the education program to the reality on the ground, which evolves a lot in the field of new technologies.

Furthermore, once a year, the leaders of the MIAGE meet to reflect on the pedagogy by reporting and unifying the results of their own experience.


Throughout the courses, the projects allow the students to work in groups and apply their theoretical knowledge, project management, analysis, modeling, design, programming, tests…

A business creation project allows students to assess their abilities, facing the steps of a business creation, in some cases leading to a real project achievement.


The end-of-studies internships in companies represent two long periods during the whole training. At the end of the Bachelor, even though the MIAGE-Bachelor is fundamental, the students have to do an internship for at least three months, unlike the other bachelors where it is limited to two months. The last internship in Master’s degree brings the education to a close. It must last six months and represents in most cases a great entry into the working world.

Cooperative training

The training program of the MIAGE in Mulhouse has been geared to make the cooperative training possible. Thus, the students who so wish and who find a host company can complete a cooperative MIAGE-training with a paid work from the M1 or the M2.

The Establishment of the MIAGE-trainings in France and in Mulhouse

The MIAGE-training has existed for more than 40 years and is highly appreciated by the company directors. Thanks to its longtime existence and its network of 19 MIAGE, it has developed close and privileged relationships with companies at a national level.

The MIAGE in Mulhouse has existed for more than 30 years and for the same reasons has developed many partnerships with local but also cross-border companies due to its geographic location.

These companies are either information technology consulting (Systancia, S2i-évolution, Schaeffer Productique, Kimoce, Happly, …), or large regional (Oracle, Peugeot, Système U, Crédit Mutuel, CIC,. . .) or international companies (Novartis, Swiss, IBM, SAP, …).

This partnership finds all its meaning by allowing the students to follow a cooperative training in M1 and/or M2. The established rhythm of cooperative training allows students to spend a “long” period in a company allowing them to be entrusted with significant projects and to truly be part of the company which employs them.

The MIAGE in Mulhouse enjoys an employment pool and an unquestioned renown which gives to its degrees a great professional integration rate.