Master 1

The first year of Master’s Degree in Computer Science, MIAGE specialty (M1 MIAGE)

The M1 MIAGE of Mulhouse is automatically accessible for graduates of the L3 MIAGE of Mulhouse and based on student report for the graduates of a three-year training (BAC+3) with computer science and management.

The fundamental Computer Science trainings represent an important part of the M1, in the range of 50 percent of the credits. The rest is shared between languages, methods of communication, management, economics, law and other elective units of study (taught in French). A business creation project is at the heart of this year. It allows students to assess their abilities, to face the steps of a business creation, in some cases to lead to a real project achievement.

The students can of course pursue their studies in the second year of Master’s Degree in MIAGE. Nevertheless if they wish students have the possibility to change for M2 research in Computer Science, based on their report.