University education professionnalisante in national and international vocation

MIAGE Mulhouse

Master of Business Informatics

A dual competence in computer science and management after a professionalizing university degree .

The training takes place at theUniversité de Haute-Alsace (Upper Alsace University) in Mulhouse. Its aim is the training of student in information systems engineering methods and companies’, administrations’ or communities’ decision methods.



The MIAGE-training in Mulhouse lasts three years starting from the final bachelor year. It leads to a Bachelor’s degree (BAC+3) in fundamental Computer Science (MIAGE-training) and a Professional Master’s degree (BAC+5) in Computer Science, department MIAGE department (Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises : computer science and business management).

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The MIAGE-training in Mulhouse trains administration and corporate executives in computer science, mainly in the field of information systems designing and realization. The dual competence in computer science and economics-management is highly valued by the professional world. It leads to a variety of gainful employment opportunities.

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The access to the MIAGE-training in Mulhouse is based on student report. The privileged admission time is the third license year (L3 MIAGE) after two academic years (BAC+2). But it is possible to enter the first semester of Master’s degree directly after a university degree (BAC+3).

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MIAGE Mulhouse 2017 in numbers

A training that counts!

A graduate’s average annual salary for 2017 was of



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