Licence 3

The final Bachelor year, MIAGE branch (L3 MIAGE)

The L3 MIAGE is accessible for students after two academic years of computer science, Technology Degree graduates (DUT) in computer sciences or even after two years of scientific studies (Bac+2) with computer science.

The MIAGE-Bachelor is a Fundamental University Bachelor, with the aim to train graduates with strong basis knowledge in computer science and a thorough introduction to economics and management. The subjects taught are computer science, economics, management, and also an initiation to law (taught in French). Through projects during the training and an end of studies internship, some technological tools in line with the needs of business are studied and dealt with in depth.

The students can of course pursue their studies in the MIAGE-Master’s degree. Nevertheless the experience and practical skills acquired during the Bachelor’s allow students to join the professional world, if they wish.