Alumni Testimonials

Testimonials from former students of MIAGE Mulhouse

Thank you to the graduates who kindly talked about their education and their career path.

Class of 1985

Patrick Begey

Deputy Director-General at Euro Information

Class of 1989

Vice-president (SAP)

Pascal Nass

I am over 50 years old and I have now over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry.

My current role

Today I occupy the position of vice-president at SAP, a management software publisher. (with 20 billion turnover, 77.000 employees, head office in Germany).

After working as a consultant, as a technical sales representative, as a product planning manager, and then as sales engineer, today I am responsible for the ecosystem, in other words, responsible for all the partnerships around the ERP Cloud solution. It is about finding companies worldwide that can help customers to set up a solution or increase the offer by developing complementary solutions.

It’s an international position that allows me to travel a lot around the world. I spent most of my career in Germany, in Canada and in the United States.

My Education

That was for my current position. My springboard was of course my training.

After a degree (DEUG) in Physics in Strasbourg, I decided to study in MIAGE-Mulhouse in 1989/1990 and I graduated with a five-year diploma in Technical sales in Computer Science.


Simply because I thought computer science was a booming sector in which it was possible to create a future – even before AirBnB, Uber, Google and other stars in this area.

At that time, in France, the major players in the industry were IBM, HP, DEC, Microsoft and Bull.

Why the MIAGE in Mulhouse?

To be honest, I first wanted to go somewhere else, because I wanted to discover a different region, since I come from Alsace. I had prepared three reports, but when it was time to decide, I chose to return to Mulhouse.

But why Mulhouse?

Because of the possibility of doing internships abroad, especially in Germany.

No, actually my German was pretty bad at that time but my desire for travel and for discovery was very strong. And so I did a four-month internship at Siemens in Munich.

4 months is a short period, but it was long enough to realize that I liked the industry, but that I was not made for development. So I had to explore other paths.

So this explains the DESS in Technical sales in Computer Science and another internship in 1990 at HP in Berlin this time.

These two internships really shaped the beginning of my career and brought me to have an international path.

In conclusion, I want to say that when you’re twenty-two you do not necessarily know where you want to go, but I can only recommend to all the students to:

  • go abroad,
  • try to leave their comfort zone
    • especially if you are not good at languages, because you learn better abroad
  • do a reality check with your wishes as soon as possible
    • that’s how I discovered that I liked the software world but that I personally was not good at programming
  • be interested in extra-curricular activities, because you do not just learn at university.
    • indeed, we were the class which started Icone-Info, a junior enterprise of the MIAGE of this time and we offered tailored training in office automation and development.

Olivier Spehner

IT-Manager at Novartis

Class of 1990

Frédéric Elène

Head of IT Product Management at DHL Global Forwarding Europe

Class of 1997

The MIAGE-training of the UHA in Mulhouse has very rich and diversified subjects.
Thanks to the quality of their courses, I have discovered various aspects of computer science, from setting up a business to project finalization.
The international links of the MIAGE is an invaluable asset.
Thanks to this, my professional career started with an internship at Siemens in Munich.
Immediately after graduating, I worked as an IT manager, and after a few years, I became the technical director of an Internet access provider.
In 2002, I finally founded my own company.
And I achieved this thanks to the MIAG-training. Every day since 2002, I use what I learned during my education, from management / accounting to development and project delivery.
I keep this link with the MIAGE, since I have just hired one of their students!

Emmanuel KELLER


Manager at SARL Logicek

Class of 2004


Design engineer
(PSA Peugeot Citroën)

The MIAGE-training, allows young graduates to be able to quickly adapt to the company thanks to an end-of-studies internship, which gives them an insight into what awaits them, but also thanks to the training provided. The only drawback of the education (which seems to have changed this year) is that there is a lack of training in communication, which at the beginning was a handicap for me in the company because a good computer scientist should not be just a good technician… something to meditate on. A structured relationship between the alumni and current students could offer a better consistory between the training ad the working world. The sharing of experience could prepare the students even more for the working world’s requirements. I am currently working as a project engineer at PSA Peugeot Citroën in a very interesting area, namely the logistics of the flow of parts. The design, development and maintenance of an application of logistic flow are at the center of my everyday life.

Class of 2005

Thanks to the MIAGE formation, I have acquired specialized knowledge in some engineering fields and general knowledge in fields such as project management. Since I work today in the SAP consulting sector, these technical and functional knowledge are very helpful.
I started with human resources consulting and moved onto decisional consulting today, which is more cross-functional.
At the moment I have a double function within Winch-Consulting. On the one hand I am manager of the Swiss subsidiary in Nyon. My main responsibilities are the development of this entity in terms of activity and workforce. And on the other hand, I continue to work as a consultant on various ongoing projects.

Mickaël LOUIS


SAP BI Consultant – Manager (SAP)